Daily Life

Supportive Campus Culture

When students come to the Arkansas Juvenile Assessment and Treatment Center, they become part of a supportive community of peers and qualified staff.

AJATC embraces a wide spectrum of students with targeted needs, so every student feels like they belong, and that they can succeed. We offer a normalized high school environment where students adhere to high school rituals and traditions. They wear school uniforms, and participate in a wide array of on-campus activities that invite students to foster talents, hobbies and passions.

AJATC students have pride in their school and their campus where they learn the importance of values, goals and community.

Academics & Career and Technical Education

Through our year-round accredited high school and career and technical education program, AJATC offers youth an education experience that links personalized learning and college and career readiness to guide our students on the path to success.

AJATC offers students the opportunity to pass their GED exam or to earn a high school diploma at the on-site charter school. Our education services include special education, credit recovery and accelerated learning.Through our industry-relevant career tracts, students gain practical, applicable skills that enable them to enter the job market with industry-recognized certifications in-hand.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Extracurricular activities are an essential component of the Arkansas Juvenile Assessment and Treatment Center’s Integrated Care Model program. Studies have found that participation in certain extracurricular pursuits significantly reduces a student’s risk of dropping out. Through local partnerships, AJATC students have the opportunity to participate in intramurals, team sports and youth clubs. These activities help students develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills that can be applied to other areas of their lives.