About Us

The Arkansas Juvenile Assessment and Treatment Center (AJATC) is an Arkansas Division of Youth Services facility that is located on 110 acres near Alexander, Arkansas. This facility is licensed for up to 100 male and female youth, and features dormitories, on-site school and library, vocational training program, chapel, gymnasium and outdoor recreation area.

At this facility, ROP provides Arkansas’ youth populations with residential treatment programming that emphasizes learning, growth and positive change. Through our agency’s long history of working with youth, we have developed the Integrated Care Model framework to articulate our program philosophy, methodology, and specific evidence-based practices. It is through this framework that we are providing unique opportunities for Arkansas’ youth.


The Integrated Care Model is the framework for the Arkansas Juvenile Assessment and Treatment Center's programming and services. The foundation of safety and security, accomplished through positive relationship and qualified and trained staff, fosters a culture where students can learn.

Staff model pro-social skills, utilize the appropriate amount of empathy and provide youth with problem resolution skills. Assessments identify individual student needs and strengths and develop their intrinsic motivation for change.

Evidence-based cognitive behavioral interventions help students develop skills to overcome aggression, disruptive behavior, and heal from traumatic events in their lives. Since many of the students will return home, family involvement and treatment are provided at an appropriate intensity.

The program environment enables each student to develop and practice skills in the therapeutic, academic, vocational, health/wellness, family and community activities. Through these experiences, the student gains competencies and skills to attain Treatment Plan goals; then, new goals are established and the process of positive change is moved forward, creating a new vision and hope for the youth.